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Across the map, extremists on school boards and library boards are pushing to ban books, control curriculum, and stifle critical thinking in our schools and public spaces. In 2022, The American Library Association reported the highest volume of book bans in over 20 years - 2,500+ book bans in schools across 32 states. And states are on track to try to ban even more. 


The books being banned are overwhelmingly written by women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ folks, and other historically marginalized groups. Books should be tools for learning, exploration, and personal growth, not a battleground for ideological agendas. We have the power to protect kids’ freedom to read. We have to fight back. 

In many states, the only requirements to run for school board are that you are a resident of the state, and over the age of 18. Right now, the median age of school board members is 59. Meanwhile, more than half of all Americans are millennials or younger. The extremists might be loud, but they are not representative of the American people. You can get involved with your local school board to stop book bans and protect kids' freedom to read. We'll help you.

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